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On the road with Amway

by Team Amway Team Amway

Thousands of Independent Business Owners from Australia and New Zealand packed out venues for the 2019 VIVA Amway Annual Roadshow to be inspired by the latest business and product initiatives and, of course, to confirm the Chinese whispers surrounding the 2021 Achiever’s destination!


The 2019 roadshows covered some serious ground in August, securing the attention of IBOs on location in Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Canberra, Christchurch, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Wellington, as well as those who tuned in via social media to get the lowdown on exclusive Amway updates.

IBOs were delighted with the revelation of the 2021 ANZ Achievers destination with a grand Euro-themed display involving a gondola and an accordion-wielding head of marketing. Needless to say, everyone is beyond excited about the prospect of qualifying for this very special Achievers trip, which will see those who make the cut embark on a first-class cruise from Italy to GreeceMontenegro and Croatia before docking in Venice eight days later. The sheer magnitude of this opportunity was not lost on those who waited patiently until the end of proceedings to find out about ‘Achievers 21’. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


Also not squandered was the chance to reveal details about Amway’s new incentive program Core Plus+ which means IBOs can earn more income, plus the exciting new XS™ Energy products that will be available later in the year. Amway ANZ General Manager Christine Terrill took to the stage to talk technology and Amway’s $700 million global investment which will make doing business easier, faster and smarter for IBOs everywhere.

Special thanks to so many amazing IBOs who took the time out of their busy schedules and braved the wintry conditions to attend. And for those 22,000 who couldn’t be there in person but connected with us via our Facebook live event, it was great you could join in the fun and frivolities.


That’s a wrap for another year ladies and gents. It’s such an exciting time to be an Independent Business Owner and we look forward to working with everyone out there to help bring our new products to life and to support our IBOs on their continued journey of success.


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